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Horizon’s Preventative Maintenance Ensures Optimal Performance

Planned maintenance (PM) is the foundation for Horizon CSA’s maintenance management program, and ensures that the equipment operates safely according to manufacturers’ specifications for the entire service life of the equipment. All medical equipment is monitored for safety and proper performance with documentation of testing as required by healthcare regulating agencies. Horizon CSA will verify the adequacy of the test procedures, proper calibration of the test equipment, and competency of the testing personnel. Planned maintenance inspections and safety testing are generally performed during standard shifts or as otherwise agreed.

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The Horizon CSA planned maintenance program includes preventative, routine safety testing and systems performance verification.

Test intervals are established based on requirements outlined by manufactures of the equipment and regulatory agencies such as The Joint Commission. Moreover, PM intervals are individually determined by Horizon’s proprietary, experienced–based algorithm that considers all relevant information including the the critical function of the equipment, clinical application, cost and timing of repair, replacement parts inventories and depot locations and other criteria.

This approach will ensure that PM is performed on critically important equipment at intervals recommended by manufacturers, e. g., yearly, or in some cases even more frequently such as bi-annually or a set number of hours in use. The net effect is that PM is optimized, saving thousands of dollars in PM that may not be cost-effective.

An integral part of our maintenance management program is Horizon proprietary software  that  custom configured for maximum effectiveness and ease of use. The software will provide for workload management, planned maintenance scheduling, on-going equipment histories and analyses, time summary analysis, and maintenance of inventory.

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