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How Horizon Gets You Started –
Equipment Inventory And Audit

Selecting a new biomedical and imaging service provider requires some up-front planning for which we are happy to assist. In fact, before we can present to you a comprehensive proposal for our services that is economically viable, we need to identify all the equipment that we would be covering with specific regards to clinical application, location, vendor, model, age, operational status ,etc. In addition to identifying covered equipment, it would also be helpful to identify equipment under warranty as well as equipment under Service Contract. This and additional information can be summarized as follows.

Your equipment inventory class chart

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There are several additional benefits to performing our equipment inventory audit. Perhaps the most important is a full understanding of the total cost to provide biomedical and imaging services throughout the healthcare facility. Often times costs are buried within hospital departments precluding a full understanding of total cost.

By and large Horizon performs this inventory prior to developing a comprehensive proposal to each potential client. Nonetheless, Horizon can also provide these services to hospitals that are not yet ready to change their service provider. In such cases, should Horizon eventually become a successful contractor to the hospital, we will rebate the otherwise nominal cost of performing such an inventory analysis.

To be sure, most customers understand the value of performing this inventory. Our medical equipment inventory audit, whether it results in an ongoing relationship with you or not, is the perfect platform for more effective planning and decision-making at your healthcare institution.


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