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Our Mission Aligns With Yours

There are many parts and stakeholders involved in providing quality medical care. Healthcare reform has complicated cost-effective delivery even further. And, while Horizon’s role remains supportive, we understand your mission and strive to make our efforts align with yours. Because from any thoughtful perspective, the confluence of skilled care givers, medical experts and powerful medicines, operating in concert with sophisticated biomedical equipment and technology, constitutes such an important part of what distinguishes a quality healthcare facility from all others.Horizon-Medic-Mission-Alignment-image

As such, we understand your role and mission within the community you serve, and work every day to ensure your success is our touchstone. Whether you are driving your facility toward configuring an optimized accountable care organization (ACO) or catalyzing the multi-facets of “meaningful use,” Horizon is here to support you.

Our Quality Commitment

Our commitment to quality rests on a solid foundation of several principles that are intimate parts of our “company DNA:”

Customers have the right and the reason to expect that our services lead to maximum up-time, minimal disruption to clinical operations, and medical equipment running at peak specifications. To the very real extent that medical equipment is part of what distinguishes an exceptional healthcare facility from the ordinary, effective, reliable and economical service has a direct impact on the quality of health care patients receive. We take that responsibility quite seriously. It’s a matter of fulfilling our mission, and it’s the only way we know how to ensure our success: by supporting yours.

Horizon is committed to selecting the most highly qualified technical staff in the clinical engineering, medical equipment repair and medical technology management business to help you achieve your mission. We ensure that our staff is properly trained and educated to service, support and repair biomedical, diagnostic imaging and other medical equipment from multiple vendors for our customers. Our leadership team has a management protocol that consistently seeks out higher levels of service expectations. All staff members are tasked with continuing education and development for constant improvement and growth in their career paths.

Our annual Quality Management Survey assures that all aspects of our programs are meeting or surpassing the standards we have set. On-going review and auditing processes provide findings and opportunities for continual improvement in service delivery for our customers, so we are constantly raising the bar for you.

Our use of modern management tools and processes, including the most appropriate “six-sigma methodologies,” is an integral part of our daily routine. Moreover, we have carefully evaluated our management approach and made impactful modifications; including several proprietary management operations that we believe fit exceedingly well in the healthcare environment.

We are committed to providing you the very best quality and most responsive service in the clinical engineering and medical technology management industry in direct alignment with your mission!

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