Hospital Accreditation-Pardee Earns National Recognition by ISO 9000:2008

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Horizon CSA offers heartfelt congratulations to Pardee Hospital of Hendersonville, N.C. for earning national recognition and accreditation by ISO 9000: 2008. “It is not everyday that a hospital reaches this level of accomplishment,” says Paul Levesque, Horizon CSA’s V.P. of Marketing and Business Development.  Levesque continues, “This is an example of Pardee’s commitment to excellence, and speaks to the character of their team.”

It seems that  Horizon CSA employees can also feel very gratified as well due to their participation in the achievement of these highly esteemed benchmarks by the prestigious International Standards Organization, ISO9001: 2008!

It is quite significant that Pardee is the first and only hospital in North Carolina to be given this accreditation and 1 of only 40 hospitals nationally to be given this notable accreditation.

Certification by ISO 9000: 2008 is a strong measure of Pardee’s dedication to patient safety, quality-driven policies, impactful procedures and optimized health care processes.

Horizon CSA is very proud of its participation in achievement of this important milestone and of the subsequent accolades given by Pardee’s senior management for Horizon’s “strong contributions.” We are grateful to collaborate with Pardee as our customer and to ensure their on-going great reputation for exceptional healthcare delivery.

Many of us in the biomedical technology sector are familiar with the long-standing impact that ISO 9001 has had on quality medical equipment manufacturing and the medical device regulatory process. Less apparent is the great body of ISO 9001:2008 that has proven eminently useful to quality programs in hospitals and which has been integrated successfully into an accreditation process. The ISO 9001: 2008 has compared exceedingly well to the traditional Joint Commission accreditation.

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Do you have a coordinated medical technology management program?

Medical Technology - Management of Biomedical Equipment such as this Tomography machine In today’s complex medical world, healthcare facilities need a comprehensive medical technology management program to coordinate all medical equipment services, ensure accurate medical equipment repair, regulatory compliance and capital asset planning to meet the challenge of lowering healthcare system costs while maintaining the best in fast response and exacting clinical engineering services … so you can focus on your objective to provide quality patient care.


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