Biomedical Technician Employees Rate Horizon CSA “Best Place to Work” Ever!

April 24th, 2013 · 8:25 pm  →  News and Notes
Horizon CSA Biomedical Team

Horizon CSA Biomedical Team

Most recently, employees who are biomedical technicians and biomedical technology leaders attended leadership meetings in Mooresville N.C. at the corporate office. In addition to great presentations, riveting teambuilding exercises and sharing of meals, employees had an opportunity to network with one another regarding best practices in biomedical equipment management and more. As it happened, a marketing consultant who was also on-site for this meeting reported back some very interesting “off the cuff” observations relative to employees. “I heard incredible reviews about Horizon CSA from your own employees,”  She said. Some of the comments were as follows; “Best place I’ve ever worked.” “I have a career path here and that was never possible as a biomedical department manager within a hospital.” “The benefits are great and my family really depends on them”. “Our annual performance bonuses are based on customer satisfaction surveys and my own efforts  which is very unique and stimulates my desire to do my best”.

“The leadership at the top of this company has a heart for employees.” “They truly live by the golden rule.”

So in a rapid fire, evolving healthcare industry, it appears that the employees are happy with their  home at Horizon CSA.

Horizon CSA is very grateful for these comments.We truly appreciate our employees’  commitment, resilience and performance under the rigorous day-to-day demands of medical technology management. Without our tremendous employees and their heart-felt commitment to excellence to our  healthcare customers every day, we would not be able to achieve the hallmarks of excellence as  defined by the healthcare industry.

The Horizon CSA Difference! Focused Concentration on Biomedical Equipment Services!

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The Critical Horizon Difference is really worth considering when your healthcare facility seeks  specialized expertise in biomedical equipment services and medical technology management. Here’s why………………

Horizon CSA’s Annual Biomedical Technology Leadership Conference

October 15th, 2012 · 8:16 pm  →  News and Notes

Horizon CSA’s Technology Leadership Conference

On October 4-6, 2012, Horizon CSA’s annual technology leader’s conference was held at the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Technology Management leaders, Business Development  Managers, It Personnel, Key Principals and Senior Marketing Staff were all in attendance.

Thought provoking sessions and reporting was led by Horizon CSA’s leadership team throughout the 2 day conference. Horizon’s team presented a review of strategic  initiatives  planned in 2011 and  accomplished year-to-date in  2012. Future marketing and business development plans for 2013 were discussed with the technology leadership team. Pivotal segments included a review of  business development, e-marketing, healthcare regulatory updates and compliance as well as growth and improvements for FY 2012

Horizon principals assured the team that the company will continue to invest in top notch training and development of technology leaders and all employees.  This commitment underwrites the achievement of  “Top Rank” status in customer satisfaction  survey metrics within their healthcare provider customer base and provides a highly competitive advantage in the biomedical equipment services sector.

Paul Levesque, V.P of Marketing and Business Development presented an exciting overview of key marketing deliverables met throughout the 2012 timeline and revealed new projects under development for 2013.

Announcements were also made by Horizon’s marketing team regarding the new and improved Horizon-CSA website along with our new face book, twitter, YouTube channel and linked-in sites.

A unique view of Horizon’s “CEPA” product (Clinical Equipment and Planning Assessment) was previewed by the entire team as it is now available to healthcare providers.

Tremendous and inspiring ideas based on the book “The Right to Lead; Earning Leadership Through Character and Courage” presented by Horizon CSA’s V.P of Operations, Dale  Allman.

All in all, attendees of the Horizon CSA’s technology leadership conference agree the conference was a resounding success. Summarily, the mind-share, the leadership, inspiration, communication, camaraderie and fun were second to none.

Team Horizon members returned to their various locations throughout the southeast refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated with new sparks of leadership.

Once again, Horizon CSA leadership continues to demonstrate “The Horizon Difference”  through its commitment to employees in training, development, resource allocation and teambuilding. The upstream benefits to healthcare provider customers are evidenced through customer satisfaction surveys completed annually by healthcare provider customers who objectively rank their Horizon “virtual biomedical engineering staff” with very high marks on the metrics that count to them.


Horizon CSA-The Critical Difference; Concentration on Clinical Engineering Solutions.

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The Horizon Difference


The Horizon CSA Advantage…..Virtually You in Biomedical Technology Services!

September 27th, 2012 · 8:30 am  →  Horizon News + Notes Medical Technology Management

The Horizon Advantage ……Virtually You in Biomedical Technology Services!

 Some say that the sincerest form of flattery is emulation. At Horizon, we believe that our best practice is to host seamless “virtual-like you”  biomedical on-site solutions for our customers.

These solutions and human resources literally incorporate  your facility’s best practices all the while providing novel and unprecedented software technology, human assets and cost savings solutions.

Horizon CSAs virtual in-house biomedical programs  combine the best of both worlds which is to say  we incorporate  the best attributes of in-house departments with those of a experienced highly skilled company focused exclusively on clinical engineering.

We acknowledge that most well functioning in-house departments typically possess the following attributes;

1.     Management controls

2.     Organizational commitment,

3.    A Common purpose, goals and objectives,

4.     Teamwork, esprit de corps, camaraderie and a sense of community

5.     Integration within a strategic plan and comprehension of the facilities values.

However,  in-house departments typically found in modest-size hospitals are far too often understaffed, have limited skills due to lack of continuous training, are often “multi-tasking”
and doing tasks that are  completely unrelated to biomedical equipment services or medical technology management, are not properly deployed throughout the hospital for optimal  understanding of equipment issues and non-performance,  rely far too much on expensive OEM service and may  be capable of  providing  only a small piece of what is required to become a high performance clinical engineering operation.

Horizon CSA’s  on-site  solution-service programs  retain all of the best advantages of an in-house department plus  we carefully and artfully fill in the gaps that leave your facility wide open for negative consequences. We remediate the gaping holes in your biomedical equipment program with highly skilled, up-to-date, well trained technicians and leaders who are highly motivated  professionals who always perform.  Performance at Horizon CSA is measured frequently and our entire exisitence is predicated on the performance metrics with our healthcare providers.


Horizons’ “Virtual 7” Benefits to Healthcare Alliance Biomedical Partners!

September 26th, 2012 · 3:03 pm  →  News and Notes

The Horizon Difference

Abstract image for medical technology management variables

7 Virtual Benefits to Healthcare Alliance  Biomedical Partners.

1.     A defined healthcare alliance career path for all existing hospital employees who become part of the Horizon CSA virtual team.

2.     A regulatory “track-record.” Horizon’s healthcare alliance partners are  “always ready”, customers never have to fear another unannounced inspection again.

3.    Disciplined-use of time-tested processes, use of department management tools and software that facilitate “best practices.

4.   We provide timely reports that contain  exactly the right information you need precisely when you need it.

5.     Global access to multiple parts sources and the professional  acumen required to work with all OEMS on your behalf in order to secure the most cost effective solutions and practices.

6.    Clear, undiluted and unbiased recommendations for all new medical equipment purchases because we do not have divided loyalties to any vendors. We are vendor neutral which has been identified as a strength by customers as opposed to the obvious liability of having conflicts of interests.

7.     Full participation on all clinical & administrative committees task forces. We assist you in crafting the best solutions and are measured by our recommendations.

The fact is that account integration is so complete, collaboration is so intimate and cooperation  is so effective that many clinical department heads simply assume that our staff are hospital employees.

The Horizon program will feel and perform like an in house program, but with the resources and expertise to take it to a measurable higher level.

Summarily, Horizon CSA takes pride in our mission-driven performance that aligns exquisitely with our clinical partners. You are the reason that we can co-create a relationship that resonates perfectly with the increased demands for healthcare regulatory compliance and to be sure, much higher ratings by the patients who are the ultimate consumers in your facility.

We invite you to think of the “Virtual 7” and contact us to see if your healthcare facility qualifies for a complimentary “Virtual 7” audit.

The Horizon Advisor



Hospital Accreditation-Pardee Earns National Recognition by ISO 9000:2008

May 19th, 2012 · 2:16 am  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology News News and Notes

Horizon CSA offers heartfelt congratulations to Pardee Hospital of Hendersonville, N.C. for earning national recognition and accreditation by ISO 9000: 2008. “It is not everyday that a hospital reaches this level of accomplishment,” says Paul Levesque, Horizon CSA’s V.P. of Marketing and Business Development.  Levesque continues, “This is an example of Pardee’s commitment to excellence, and speaks to the character of their team.”

It seems that  Horizon CSA employees can also feel very gratified as well due to their participation in the achievement of these highly esteemed benchmarks by the prestigious International Standards Organization, ISO9001: 2008!

It is quite significant that Pardee is the first and only hospital in North Carolina to be given this accreditation and 1 of only 40 hospitals nationally to be given this notable accreditation.

Certification by ISO 9000: 2008 is a strong measure of Pardee’s dedication to patient safety, quality-driven policies, impactful procedures and optimized health care processes.

Horizon CSA is very proud of its participation in achievement of this important milestone and of the subsequent accolades given by Pardee’s senior management for Horizon’s “strong contributions.” We are grateful to collaborate with Pardee as our customer and to ensure their on-going great reputation for exceptional healthcare delivery.

Many of us in the biomedical technology sector are familiar with the long-standing impact that ISO 9001 has had on quality medical equipment manufacturing and the medical device regulatory process. Less apparent is the great body of ISO 9001:2008 that has proven eminently useful to quality programs in hospitals and which has been integrated successfully into an accreditation process. The ISO 9001: 2008 has compared exceedingly well to the traditional Joint Commission accreditation.

For more information follow this link:
You may also visit  the Pardee website:

 Recommended Reading:

“Comparison of Hospital Accreditation Programs,
Journal of Clinical Engineering; January/March 2011 Hosp Accred Prog_010311.pdf


Biomedical Equipment Interoperability – A Call To Action For ACOs

March 27th, 2012 · 3:50 pm  →  Medical Equipment Services News and Notes

What’s The Status Of Your Equipment Interoperability And Compliance?

This is a call-out for healthcare provider organizations to pay close attention to biomedical equipment and its compelling need for interoperability and compliance to new regulations that are in progress now. This is particularly true for those organizations who have already signed up as accountable care organizations (ACO).

Health IT is such a hot topic these days, but

  • How many healthcare providers are aware of the risks associated with non-interoperability of biomedical equipment?
  • How many healthcare provider facilities are leaving themselves at risk in this medical technology area?

For more information on this subject, take a look at the CEPA – Clinical Equipment Planning And Assessment page to see how we conduct a comprehensive audit of your medical equipment with actionable recommendations to save you time and money, help assure maximum medical equipment uptime and patient care, and to help keep you safe from running afoul of all the new regulations.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of all your current medical equipment, wherever located, its age and condition in the context of new technology, new product launches, your equipment interoperability, the regulatory environment and other events that may impact the capital equipment planning, regulatory compliance and technology management processes at your hospital or clinic.

We are a specialized biomedical equipment services company that is able to help healthcare providers navigate their way through the “interoperability land mines.”  Our medical technology assessment of your equipment interoperability, maintenance and plans might just be “what the health IT doc ordered” for you and your healthcare facility.

Proactive versus reactive strategic thinking precedes tactical, remediation of potential IT connectivity and interoperability issues.

Contact us today. Medical technology management is our specialty, and we can help resolve any potential interoperability issues. The regulatory time clock is ticking. . .

Horizon CSA’s Medical Technology Management Program – A Cut Above

February 24th, 2012 · 2:50 pm  →  Featured Posts Medical Technology Management News and Notes

Do you have a coordinated medical technology management program?

Medical Technology - Management of Biomedical Equipment such as this Tomography machine In today’s complex medical world, healthcare facilities need a comprehensive medical technology management program to coordinate all medical equipment services, ensure accurate medical equipment repair, regulatory compliance and capital asset planning to meet the challenge of lowering healthcare system costs while maintaining the best in fast response and exacting clinical engineering services … so you can focus on your objective to provide quality patient care.


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