Horizon CSA Recommends Mayo Clinic Radio Broadcasts on Healthcare Topics

January 18th, 2014 · 2:04 pm  →  News and Notes

Horizon CSA is pleased to share the following link so that you also may join Mayo Clinic’s Experts on  many topics. Today they featured the “Future of Healthcare”.   When you miss an episode, you can watch the archives.



A Toast to Your Health in 2014!

The Horizon Advisor

Horizon CSA Offers Healthcare Solutions For Uptick in Population Growth Predicted for North Carolina

January 10th, 2014 · 4:34 pm  →  News and Notes
Publication Business Insider Shares Infographic on Migration of  Americans to the Southland.

Publication Business Insider Shares Info-graphic on Migration of Americans.

Horizon CSA is based in Mooresville, North Carolina. According to the popular online publication “Business Insider”, North Carolina is now one of the top 3 states for migrating Americans.

We believe that “now” is the time to strategically plan for the tremendous influx of people requiring healthcare services in North Carolina and the entire Southland.

Healthcare providers, do you find yourself “hitting the wall” and wasting valuable time in technology assessment, due diligence and capital planning for yoru medical technology assets?  In the midst of all the the other  “top priorities” are you finally comprehending the need to tap into experience?

If so, ask us about our “Navigation Tools” that simply provide a prognosticator view of the landscape in biomedical equipment planning, purchasing, compliance and maintenance.

Also, We Welcome the Opportunity to Speak With You in a Confidential Manner About Potential Solutions to Your Medical Technology Management Conundrum.

Contact us:


Corporate Office: 704. 799.8661















Condoleeza Rice Headlines as Featured Lecturer At RSNA 2013

November 21st, 2013 · 2:35 pm  →  News and Notes

The RSNA 2013. http://www.rsna.org/Annual_Meeting.aspx. is coming soon on December 1-6. This year’s fabulous panel of guest lecturers includes none other than Condoleeza Rice, former Uniteds States Secretary of State, who is a guest lecturer at RSNA in Chicago December 1-6,  will speak on the subject of “mobilizing human potential” http://www.itnonline.com/article/condoleezza-rice-speak-rsna-2013

This should be a riveting presentation for all attendees. Speaking of which, Horizon CSA will also be present  during the annual RSNA in Chicago. Our own Arlene Caputo, Business Development Manager, will be in attendance.  Arlene will be there to interface with significant industry healthcare specialists who seek solutions to their comprehensive  medical technology management issues  within hospitals and outpatient centers. Horizon CSA, a biomedical equipment services company, based in Mooresville, North Carolina has received a “top ranking” by biomedical technicians  within N.C. healthcare facilities in the categories of “reliability” and “uptime”.

What hospital doesn’t need reliability and uptime in medical equipment?

WHY? The Horizon Difference!


There exists a  very specific and comprehensive biomedical equipment services plan that is laid out explicitly in a formal request for proposal prior to commitments being inked in any contracts.  Furthermore, metrics are instilled in  proactive planning and assessment  in advance of  contractual commitments to ensure compliance to all hospital standards including “HIPPA, CMS, Joint Commission that is frequently through” face to face meetings” with providers, customer service surveys as well as technical staff reviews on a semi-annual basis.  On-site technology managers and BMETs who are trained and monitored provide additional oversight into correct and timely action.

For more information on Horizon’s mission biomedical equipment solutions or comprehensive medical technology management in your healthcare facility please contact us:

Arlene Caputo, Business Development Specialist



Phone: 704.799.8661



Healthcare Cost Trends Projected in 2014 Worth a Look

November 13th, 2013 · 4:07 pm  →  Medical Technology Management News and Notes

Interesting Infographic on Medical Cost Trends.

Attribution to Price Waterhouse Coopers ” PWC” …for more information click on link below.


Horizon Superman To the Biomedical Equipment Rescue

November 4th, 2013 · 2:37 pm  →  News and Notes
Rescuing  Healthcare Biomedical Equipment Services Every Day of the Week.

Rescuing Healthcare Biomedical Equipment Services Every Day of the Week.

Somebody called and said that they were seeking a Horizon Biomedical Engineer to help them solve problems in their hospital.  We flew this guy in immediately.







What is Spookier Than Medical Equipment That Doesn’t Work?

October 29th, 2013 · 11:19 pm  →  News and Notes
Extreme Biomedical Equipment Ghost Busters.


Its a Scary Time in Healthcare This Halloween!

 BUT….Never Fear!

Horizon CSA Biomedical Equipment Ghost Busters Are Near!

Your Haunted Biomedical Equipment

Can Be Repaired!



 Introducing Horizon’s Biomedical Equipment Extreme Ghostbusters

We have the purrrfect antidote to anything spooky that may be haunting your medical equipment in your healthcare facility!

Yes, we know how to diagnose and remediate those ghosts that are wrecking your biomedical equipment, causing it to malfunction and scare patients away from your hospital. OOOOOOOHH…not to mention revenue losses and nasty facebook and twitter posts. OOOOOHHHH.Worse yet….Regulatory audits…..and potential fines….Ouch Ouch Ouch…..

Horizon Ghostbusters  know how to keep those infectious pests away…. even in your RAD Dept where the  the meanest and most fierce ghosts thrive on scaring RAD techs each and every day. Yikes!

OOOOOOOH….Horizon CSA is based in Mooresville, North Carolina….home of the healthcare biomedical equipment “extreme ghost busters”. See our friendly ghostbusters pictured below? 


Extreme Biomedical Equipment Ghost Busters.

Extreme Biomedical Equipment Ghost Busters.

Horizon Celebrates Ten Years of Successful Biomedical Equipment Services

October 19th, 2013 · 3:47 pm  →  News and Notes

celebrate 10 yearscelebrate 10 years

Horizon’s Fall Technology Management Meeting Combines Kick Off for Tenth Anniversary Celebration!

October 9th, 2013 · 1:23 am  →  Medical Technology Management News and Notes

For  More Exciting Details on Horizon CSA’s Fall Technology

Leader’s Meeting Please Click on the Link on the Link That Follows:


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America the Beautiful! Horizon CSA Remembers 9-11 Today

September 11th, 2013 · 3:31 pm  →  News and Notes
America Remembers on 9/11/13It

Remembering 9-11 National Park Service Photo-Creative Commons Attribution

 America the Beautiful

                                                               9-11 Remembrance

“Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies… for Amber Waves of Grain…For Purple Mountain Majesties Above the Fruited Plane…America, America, God Shed His Grace on Thee…and Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood From Sea to Shining Sea”.  Katherine Lee Bates-1913

It wasn’t that long ago was it when you awakened to the horror of 9/11? We are certain that you recall exactly where you were when you heard the news, yes?

It may seem like forever to those who lost loved ones and who remember it just like it was yesterday. Today on 9-11-2013, Horizon CSA takes a moment to pause and reflect.

We offer up our prayers and heartfelt condolences to those who are still hurting, still remembering and never forgetting their loved ones. For those of us who didn’t lose loved ones but who remain shocked that the unimaginable happened in this great land, we offer empathy and share your disbelief.

We also offer encouragement to you and confidence that America remains strong and full of hope. Embrace it.

We acknowledge that living in this great land, the United States of America has been a dream come true for all of us. This is our country and one that has afforded each person unparalleled opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Be encouraged, Lady Liberty  remains strong! She has been the symbol of  hope for our ancestors as they saw her for the first time.  America has and is “the shining light on a hill” to many around the world.

Today, we simply ask that each and every person living here in this country to embrace our liberty and freedom but also be willing to make a positive contribution.  Regardless of whether you are a natural born American citizen, a naturalized citizen or a person seeking citizenship living in this country and utilizing shared resources,  we simply ask that you consider your own productivity and personal willingness to extend a personal hand to this great land.  Just about everyone can do something constructive.….yes…even the disabled and infirm. We have seen countless examples of this in sheltered workshops, Wounded Warriors support groups, senior citizen groups, churches  and many private sector charitable groups elsewhere in this country.

At Horizon CSA, we believe living in America, this great land, represents a life life worth living.

Isn’t  a life worth living one that also merits the individual effort to extend oneself to the betterment of a culture, a country, state or community? Isn’t  there something you can do even in your own neighborhood or community?

We encourage you to start with yourself today. Do a self assessment and personal inventory. You determine if your life reflects the  spirit, strong, individual work ethic, faith, contribution and core values that were supported by our founding fathers and that  made America strong.

Remember… it is up to us…this is our country…America the Beautiful!


Horizon CSA Executive Team Participating in Key Healthcare Conferences Over Summer Months

August 26th, 2013 · 7:27 pm  →  News and Notes
 Biomedical Equipment ServicesMedical Technology Management That Is Trusted

Horizon CSA has been busy this summer staying current with healthcare industry conferences. Most  recent summer  conferences attended include the riveting North Carolina Hospital Association  (NCHA) http://www.ncha.org,the Georgia and South Carolina Ambulatory Surgery Association  Meetings http://www.gsasc.org and http://www.scasca.org )and the North Carolina Healthcare  Engineers Association. (NCHEA). http://www.nchea.com/

Comprehensive medical technology management and biomedical equipment repair service solutions  are key services offered by Horizon CSA to hospitals and surgery centers who also attended the above  referenced conferences.

Horizon’s distinctive approach to the business of healthcare delivery incorporates a strategic alliance approach with healthcare COOS and CEOS who are in the “buck stops here” chair and who are concerned about costs and profits with new healthcare reform mandates.

As such Horizon provides comparative metrics, assessments and other tools that are compatible with the c-suite. On the tactical side, Horizon’s “extreme biomedical specialists” work tirelessly on behalf of clients to ensure that medical equipment technology is safe, reliable, calibrated properly and available when needed  to ensure that patient satisfaction ratings within healthcare settings remain positive.

While healthcare conferences vary in location, speakers, participants, vendors and agendas, it is worth noting that Horizon CSA is celebrating its 10th anniversary year in 2013. Customers say that  Horizon CSA’s  10th year anniversary of service to hospitals throughout the southeastern United States is a more significant citation.

If your healthcare facility is weary of the “status quo’ you think that there is something missing in your medical technology asset management, please contact Horizon CSA.


The Horizon Health Advisor




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