7 Ways to Mitigate Risks in Selecting Biomedical Equipment Services Providers

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Selecting a Biomedical Equipment Services Provider

Partnering with a Biomedical Equipment Services Provider


Is your hospital  endeavoring to stay abreast of the enormous demands in healthcare which are now the “new normal”? Chances are your facility may be considering outsourcing  the  clinical engineering  function.  With today’s healthcare economic pressure,  this consideration  is being given more scrutiny than ever before.

Should this  describes  your healthcare facility, here are some top considerations to consider as you proceed in “picking” a partner.

#1  Talk with respected  biomedical  engineers via the healthcare provider grapevine. Ask them who they have found to be reliable and provide maximum equipment up-time. Take copious notes

#2 After coming up with a short list of biomedical equipment providers,  consider interviewing the managing principals of the   biomedical equipment services company under review.

#3 Ask questions. Make an inquiry about current and/or past  healthcare provider partnerships and get some tangible feedback as to how relationships were facilitated and clinical engineering “best practices” were facilitated.

#4. Request samples of customer surveys that attest to satisfaction with the biomedical equipment service providers rankings by various healthcare facilities.

#5 Seek the best cultural fit for your organization.

#6 Look for individuals who will manage up and down the chain of command in your healthcare facility

#7 Avoid being dazzled by “big company bundling” of other, non-related,  healthcare services into contracts such as facility maintenance or  food services along with biomedical equipment services. Upstream, the perceived “benefits” could  result in having one’s  hands tied were there to be displeasure with the quality of the biomedical equipment services rendered.

Consumer Report Ranks North Carolina Based Pardee Hospital 7th Safest in Nation

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Biomedical Equipment Hands

Biomedical Safety Involves All Hands Working Together

Horizon CSA congratulates it’s biomedical equipment services customer Pardee Hospital for securing a top notch ranking nationally by Consumer Report. Dale Allman, Executive V. P. of Operations commented, ” We are extremely proud of  Pardee Hospital and also very humbled to participate as service provider. Our  biomedical equipment services team led by Matt Yates has had a  role also in this prestigious ranking by Consumer Report.”  http://www.horizon-csa.com

For more read Pardee  Hospital’s announcement from CEO Jay Kirby…….. Consumer Reports Rates Pardee Hospital 7th Safest Hospital in the Nation. Pardee Hospital scores a 73 which ranks us 7th in the nation for safety. This is certainly impressive considering a 100 point scale with the average hospital scoring just 51 points. The report compiles information from government and independent sources on 1,159 hospitals in 44 states. To produce this report they also interviewed patients, physicians, hospital administrators, and safety experts; reviewed medical literature; and looked at hospital inspections and investigations. Hospital choice may be ‘life or death’ “The differences between high-scoring hospitals and low-scoring ones can be a matter of life and death,” says John Santa, medical director of Consumer Reports Health. For example, pneumonia patients at top-scoring hospitals are 40% less likely to die within 30 days of admission than pneumonia patients at low-scoring hospitals.” This is yet another acknowledgment of our long-standing, continuous commitment to maintain the highest clinical quality and safety for our patients. I’m proud of this organization and of the talent and dedication that our medical staff and hospital team members are consistently being recognized for. This is another accolade for our medical staff, team members, hospital board and foundation to all be very proud of. I encourage you to share this rating with your family, friends, and neighbors. It’s important that the people of our community know that their hospital is world-class. I’m proud to work alongside each of you. The following link helps put this ranking in context: Consumer Reports rates the safety of nearly 3,000 hospitals :: Is your hospital really as safe as you think?


In addition, Consumer Reports released an interactive map http://www.consumerreports.org/health/doctors-hospitals/hospital-ratings.ht m  that allows users to browse hospital safety scores inside each state. Our overall quality was also recognized in September 2013 by Consumer Reports, which rated Pardee as No. 1 in surgery in North Carolina: WLOS<http://youtu.be/kKykf1OKOBs>, Hendersonville Lightning http://www.hendersonvillelightning.com/business/1948-consumer-repo rts-ranks-pardee-surgeries-no-1-in-n-c.html , Times-News<http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20130801/ARTICLES/130809988/> Jay Kirby [CRO_Health_RatingsHospitalsChart_2014.jpg] Jay Kirby, President/C

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