Google Has The Answers To How Hospital Administrators Make Purchasing Decisions

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Horizon CSA, via GOOGLE is happy to share with our followers and subscribers  precisely “how hospital administrators make decisions.”

Horizon CSA is always trying to better comprehend the healthcare marketplace and certainly better serve their own customers. As such, we spend time and resources thinking about our prospects for clinical engineering services as well as our existing customers.

We find that this research conducted by Google, who has ALL the information may be helpful to our online  followers and subscribers. It pretty much sums up what we thought when we invested in our B2B digital marketing campaign, i.e., that the web is a vast archive of information  and education for all who are seeking to understand most all things.

Google confirms this view with hospital administrators and how they seek and vet resources prior to purchasing decisions. See the following from


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Hospital Executives Plan to Increase Outsourcing of Services.

February 20th, 2014 · 6:06 pm  →  Horizon News + Notes Medical Technology Management

Last year in 2013,  “Modern Healthcare”, hospital executives  indicated that they plan to increase their outsourcing in “non-clinica”l areas going forward into the year ahead. (Modern Healthcare, “Executive Opinions on Purchasing,” August 2013).

The primary top 2 reasons that were proclaimed for taking such action towards “non-clinical” outsourcing were

Capitalizing on vendor expertise (47.4%)

Cost Reduction (42.1% cited)

While this development may be touted as a new trend for some hospital CEOs,  there have been countless  CEOS and COOS through the years who have come to know that there is enormous value in outsourcing . Horizon CSA has been involved in strategically partnering with healthcare facilities for a decade now.

Horizon CSA specializes in biomedical equipment services which have been highly validated as a pivotal cost savings and cost avoidance resource by many North Carolina and East Coast based healthcare facilities.

To find out if your hospital may be a candidate to “lead” in biomedical equipment services along with experiencing costs savings, cost avoidance and “found” revenues, feel free to contact us.


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