Horizon CSA Executive Team Participating in Key Healthcare Conferences Over Summer Months

August 26th, 2013 · 7:27 pm  →  News and Notes
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Horizon CSA has been busy this summer staying current with healthcare industry conferences. Most  recent summer  conferences attended include the riveting North Carolina Hospital Association  (NCHA) http://www.ncha.org,the Georgia and South Carolina Ambulatory Surgery Association  Meetings http://www.gsasc.org and http://www.scasca.org )and the North Carolina Healthcare  Engineers Association. (NCHEA). http://www.nchea.com/

Comprehensive medical technology management and biomedical equipment repair service solutions  are key services offered by Horizon CSA to hospitals and surgery centers who also attended the above  referenced conferences.

Horizon’s distinctive approach to the business of healthcare delivery incorporates a strategic alliance approach with healthcare COOS and CEOS who are in the “buck stops here” chair and who are concerned about costs and profits with new healthcare reform mandates.

As such Horizon provides comparative metrics, assessments and other tools that are compatible with the c-suite. On the tactical side, Horizon’s “extreme biomedical specialists” work tirelessly on behalf of clients to ensure that medical equipment technology is safe, reliable, calibrated properly and available when needed  to ensure that patient satisfaction ratings within healthcare settings remain positive.

While healthcare conferences vary in location, speakers, participants, vendors and agendas, it is worth noting that Horizon CSA is celebrating its 10th anniversary year in 2013. Customers say that  Horizon CSA’s  10th year anniversary of service to hospitals throughout the southeastern United States is a more significant citation.

If your healthcare facility is weary of the “status quo’ you think that there is something missing in your medical technology asset management, please contact Horizon CSA.


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