Biomedical Technician Employees Rate Horizon CSA “Best Place to Work” Ever!

April 24th, 2013 · 8:25 pm  →  News and Notes
Horizon CSA Biomedical Team

Horizon CSA Biomedical Team

Most recently, employees who are biomedical technicians and biomedical technology leaders attended leadership meetings in Mooresville N.C. at the corporate office. In addition to great presentations, riveting teambuilding exercises and sharing of meals, employees had an opportunity to network with one another regarding best practices in biomedical equipment management and more. As it happened, a marketing consultant who was also on-site for this meeting reported back some very interesting “off the cuff” observations relative to employees. “I heard incredible reviews about Horizon CSA from your own employees,”  She said. Some of the comments were as follows; “Best place I’ve ever worked.” “I have a career path here and that was never possible as a biomedical department manager within a hospital.” “The benefits are great and my family really depends on them”. “Our annual performance bonuses are based on customer satisfaction surveys and my own efforts  which is very unique and stimulates my desire to do my best”.

“The leadership at the top of this company has a heart for employees.” “They truly live by the golden rule.”

So in a rapid fire, evolving healthcare industry, it appears that the employees are happy with their  home at Horizon CSA.

Horizon CSA is very grateful for these comments.We truly appreciate our employees’  commitment, resilience and performance under the rigorous day-to-day demands of medical technology management. Without our tremendous employees and their heart-felt commitment to excellence to our  healthcare customers every day, we would not be able to achieve the hallmarks of excellence as  defined by the healthcare industry.

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