Biomedical Equipment Interoperability – A Call To Action For ACOs

March 27th, 2012 · 3:50 pm  →  Medical Equipment Services News and Notes

What’s The Status Of Your Equipment Interoperability And Compliance?

This is a call-out for healthcare provider organizations to pay close attention to biomedical equipment and its compelling need for interoperability and compliance to new regulations that are in progress now. This is particularly true for those organizations who have already signed up as accountable care organizations (ACO).

Health IT is such a hot topic these days, but

  • How many healthcare providers are aware of the risks associated with non-interoperability of biomedical equipment?
  • How many healthcare provider facilities are leaving themselves at risk in this medical technology area?

For more information on this subject, take a look at the CEPA – Clinical Equipment Planning And Assessment page to see how we conduct a comprehensive audit of your medical equipment with actionable recommendations to save you time and money, help assure maximum medical equipment uptime and patient care, and to help keep you safe from running afoul of all the new regulations.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of all your current medical equipment, wherever located, its age and condition in the context of new technology, new product launches, your equipment interoperability, the regulatory environment and other events that may impact the capital equipment planning, regulatory compliance and technology management processes at your hospital or clinic.

We are a specialized biomedical equipment services company that is able to help healthcare providers navigate their way through the “interoperability land mines.”  Our medical technology assessment of your equipment interoperability, maintenance and plans might just be “what the health IT doc ordered” for you and your healthcare facility.

Proactive versus reactive strategic thinking precedes tactical, remediation of potential IT connectivity and interoperability issues.

Contact us today. Medical technology management is our specialty, and we can help resolve any potential interoperability issues. The regulatory time clock is ticking. . .

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